The Vancouver Park Board says it might be time to allow a round of drinks along with a round of golf.

At a meeting Tuesday night, commissioners will hear a staff proposal to expand the alcohol options on municipal courses.

Current rules for the city's three courses allow alcohol to be consumed only in clubhouse facilities, but not on the links.

"I think it should be allowed," one golfer told CBC News Friday. "It helps some people's game. And as long as people don't overdo it, I think it's fine."

Another duffer agreed.

"I think that's generally the accepted way that people handle it on other courses and, for the most part, golfers aren't out there to drink, they're there to play golf."

Driving business

The Park Board is not out to help golfers improve their game, but to generate revenue, according to chair Aaron jasper.

"If we want to stay competitive with the private sector, if we want people to come to a public course, maybe this little adjustment isn't such a bad thing after all," said Jasper.

Those opposed to the change are concerned about everything from diminished golf etiquette to outright boorishness on the course.

"Drinking and golfing is like drinking and driving. It just doesn't work," said golfer John Forin. "The etiquette goes downhill. They're loud."

Jasper said it's common knowledge that many golfers already sneak alcoholic beverages onto courses anyway and it hasn't deteriorated the atmosphere so far.

"We can pretend it doesn't happen but we all know that it happens, so why not offer the guys an opportunity to have a beer on the ninth hole instead of them smuggling it in and feeling a bit guilty about it," he said.

With files from the CBC's Tim Weekes and Ben Hadaway