Nick Howorth spotted this bobcat in Port Coquitlam near Blakeburn Lagoons. (YouTube)

A Port Coquitlam man was surprised to see a bobcat in the trees around Blakeburn Lagoons last week.

Nick Howorth was walking through the area after dropping his children at school on the morning of Feb. 11, when he spotted the wildcat prowling above his head.

He quickly grabbed his camera and snapped some photos and video of this rare sighting, uploading it to YouTube.

B.C. is home to both bobcats and lynx — the two often mistaken for each other. 

The cat spotted in Port Coquitlam appears to be a bobcat, with its short ear tufts and legs, and the distinctive flash of white under its tail.

About twice the size of a housecat, bobcats are found throughout B.C. and have been known to prey on small pets.

As with other wildcat sightings, people are advised to keep small children close by and dogs leashed.