Tens of thousands of snow geese have begun their descent to Metro Vancouver, part of their annual migration every winter from the Arctic to the Fraser Estuary.  

"It's a blizzard of white," says Jasper Lament, chief executive officer of the Nature Trust of British Columbia. 

Lament says he has already spotted gaggles of thousands of geese in Richmond, Surrey and Delta. 

But not everyone is as enthusiastic as Lament about their new feathered neighbours. 

"It does create some issues for us, particularly if they land on some of our sports fields and school fields and defecate," says Tom Townsend, a spokesman with the City of Richmond.

Snow Geese

Every year, tens of thousands of snow geese migrate from Russia to Alaska to the Fraser Estuary (Nature Trust of B.C. )

"It can cause quite a public health and safety issue" said Townsend, adding the city tries to control the geese by hazing them with dogs, and planting certain types of vegetation to lure them out of town. 

In the past, there have been calls for a cull, but Townsend says a cull is not currently part of the city's strategy. 

Lament says people should "treasure this resource," and encourages the public to head out to the Fraser Estuary to see this "natural spectacle."