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Temporary bleachers will be installed on the English Bay waterfront in Vancouver during the Celebration of Light fireworks displays next summer and those who buy tickets for seats will be able to get some of the best views of the extravaganza.

The Vancouver Park Board unanimously passed a resolution Monday night to install enough seats to accommodate about 1,000 people.

Ticket prices will be from $40 to $60 and proceeds will be used to help defray the cost of putting on the fireworks displays.

The board also decided to shorten the festival to three nights from its current run of four nights over two weeks. The dates for 2011 will be Sat. July 30, Wed. Aug. 3 and Sat. Aug. 6.


Those who want to pay $40 to $60 can get premium seating on bleachers at the Celebration of Light in English Bay starting in 2011. ((CBC))

The bleachers will be located on the grassy area in front of the English Bay Bathhouse on Beach Avenue.

The hugely popular Celebration of Light draws between 350,000 to 400,000 people a night to the city's West End, but the event has continually had trouble finding sponsors.

The cost of putting on the competitive displays involving national teams from around the world is about $4 million.