Police in Saanich are trying to return bikes to their owners after breaking up a bicycle "chop shop" in the community near Victoria.

Officers executed a search warrant earlier this month at a property on Dupplin Road.

They found dozens and dozens of bikes and scooters, along with numerous bike parts and accessories.

"Some of them were in fairly new condition. However, a lot of them have been stripped down so they are just the frame, just the wheels," said acting Sgt. Jereme Leslie with Saanich Police. 

Stolen bikes

Some of the stolen bikes were high-end models. (Saanich Police)

Investigators estimate the value of the stolen bikes and accessories at about $50,000.

Leslie says investigators are reaching out to the large cycling community in the Victoria area in an effort to return some of the bikes and parts.

Bike theft continues to be a big problem in the Capital Region, he added.

Stolen bikes

Electric scooters were also part of the collection of stolen goods. (Saanich Police)

"It brings a bunch of other problems, social problems, as well, when it comes to people stealing and most likely for drug money, etc.., so, it's a massive, massive problem."

A 49-year-old man and a 51-year-old-man, both from Saanich, were arrested. Investigators have recommended charges of possession of property obtained by crime. 

Stolen bikes

Some of the stolen bikes had been stripped down for parts. (Saanich Police)

Saanich Police have posted photos of the stolen bikes and parts on the Facebook page for the police service.

"We are hoping that people in the Greater Victoria Cycling Community will see these photos, recognize some of the property and help us get the property back to the rightful owners."