For the third time this month bed bugs have been detected in books at a Metro Vancouver library.

The New Westminster Public Library is hoping to be able to open by noon on Wednesday, after finding the tiny parasitical insect in some of its books on Tuesday.

The bed bugs were found by following Burnaby's advice to check specific books in the fiction section, said City of New Westminster spokesman Blair Fryer.

"They found evidence of bedbugs in … several books," said Fryer. "I think they found a live bed bug in one and some dead bed bugs in others."

Fryer said staff immediately isolated the materials and then began checking the entire book collection at the Sixth Street location.

The library was shut down for the day Tuesday while a dog trained in bedbug detection was brought in to help track down the infestation.

First detected in Burnaby

Burnaby reported the first infestation at its Metrotown Branch and then on Cameron Street earlier this month.

Deputy chief librarian Deb Thomas says although both branches are now open, they're still debugging Metrotown because of its size:

Since the first outbreak, she says staff have caught books with bed bugs in them being returned and are now checking every single book.

Thomas says it could be one or more groups of patrons taking out certain kinds of books. 

"We have identified one patron and we've notified that patron, but no I wouldn't say generally it's just one person," she said.

This is the first year bed bugs have been detected in the library system, Thomas says.