A West Vancouver family had some surprise visitors in the swimming pool Monday: two black bear cubs taking a dip with the mother bear alongside.

Ray Signorello was working at his computer when he heard splashing, and figured his two daughters were in the pool — but curiously, he didn't hear their normal laughter or screams.

"That's when I looked up from from my computer screen to see if it was my kids, and realized it was the cubs."

In the video posted on YouTube, the cubs can each be seen paddling around the pool, and splashing and swiping at one another.

"I think it's going to go off the diving board" exclaimed Signorello's four-year-old daughter, Athena, as she watched safely from the living room window.

Living in the British Properties, Signorello said he'd seen bears in his yard before, but never in the pool.

He finally tried to shoo the bears away by making noises on the deck when the cubs started tossing around his patio pillows. They didn't look scared, he said, but the mother bear led them away.