A conservation officer says a 60-year-old hunter who was mauled by a bear in Hudson's Hope, B.C., is in good spirits in an Edmonton hospital.

Brad Lacey says the man will have another surgery to treat wounds on his face, torso and legs.

Lacey says another conservation officer visited the man in hospital and learned he was hunting alone on the northeast slope of Butler Ridge when he was startled by the bear.

He says the hunter, whose name is not being released, likely came upon the grizzly bear while it was feeding before hibernating.

The hunter shot the bear when it was about six metres away, but it's not known if he actually hit the animal before it sunk its teeth into the hunter's face.

Lacey says the injured man managed to drive himself to a home where he received first-aid treatment from an attendant working in the oil-and-gas industry before being airlifted to a hospital in Fort St. John and then Alberta.