Another in a string of amendments to the province's liquor laws was announced today — and it came with a surprisingly convivial headline.

"Any time is a good time for a cocktail in your hotel room," Friday's B.C. government news release, from the Ministry of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction, stated.

The news — that hotels may now deliver alcohol as part of 24 hour room service — will create "flexibility for people with overnight accommodations, will help increase customer service for their guests," MLA John Yap said in Richmond, a bottle of Champagne chilling, and a tray of chocolate-dipped strawberries by his side.

But not everyone welcomed this development as enthusiastically.

NDP MLA David Eby says the government should focus liquor changes on policies that have a wider impact.

"We get these press events on a minor amendment that now allow people to order a beer at three in the morning," he told CBC News.

"It seems like a small group. Why not deal with craft breweries that are now grappling with higher prices because of a government screw up?" The smaller breweries are chafing over an increase in the retail price for their products as part of the government's imposition of a new wholesale pricing model last April.

 The room service change is the 39th liquor-related policy recommendation the government has now put in place.

With files from Richard Zussman