The so-called sharing economy—be it Uber or Airbnb—is firmly on the B.C. government's radar, Peter Fassbender, the minister for community, sport and culture, said Thursday.

But before he decides on what regulations—if any—the province may institute, he says he first needs to spend time hearing arguments from all sides affected.

"Before we even articulate what that is, is we want to respect all of the parties by hearing from them and getting their input," Fassbender told CBC News Thursday.

First on his agenda, he said, would be meeting with the taxi industry and local communities to discuss the highly controversial concept of ride-sharing and the economic impact it could bring.

So far, Uber has been barred from operating in B.C., yet other companies such as Airbnb are working without firm rules.

But, Fassbender said people should not expect any quick decisions.

"It's not going to happen in this session," he said. "But the work that we do to lay the groundwork for the future is the important part of it."

He said that the government's responsibility around these new types of businesses is about protection of privacy, quality of services and consumer safety.

With files from Richard Zussman