BC Ferries might replace one of its propeller-driven vessels like this with a different technology. ((Canadian Press))

People on Denman Island in B.C.'s Strait of Georgia could find themselves literally tied to Vancouver Island if BC Ferries decides to run its first-ever cable ferry between the two land masses.

The two-kilometre route between Denman Island and Buckley Bay on Vancouver Island has always been serviced by a standard propeller-driven vessel.

A cable ferry uses a system of pulleys that alternately wind and unwind cable strung between two locations in order to move.

"It is our understanding that a cable ferry would be cheaper to operate than a conventional ferry," BC Ferries media relations director Deborah Marshall told CBC News.

Marshall said the ferry corporation is looking at just how much money it could save on fuel.

But not everyone is climbing aboard.

"We know that it's supposedly going to be cheaper to run. But at this point it doesn't look like that will result in a reduction in fares, just a reduction in the costs that BC Ferries has to absorb," said Tony Law, chair of Denman's Ferry Advisory Committee.

"It would be nice to see those savings passed on," said Law.  

Law also noted that people on Denman are concerned about disruption in service if the cable ferry breaks down.

Marshall said BC Ferries will take six to nine months to study the idea before a decision is made on a cable ferry.

An open house will be held within a month to hear what Denman Island residents think of the scheme, according to Law.

Denman Island is located about 125 kilometres northwest of Vancouver.