Two former lovers fighting over a $16,500 engagement ring are escalating their court battle, a week after they exchanged insults and accusations outside B.C. Supreme Court.

Charlie Zampieri is suing his ex-fiancée Jessica Bennett to get back the diamond and sapphire ring he gave her.

Last Thursday, the pair got in a shouting match in front of reporters, tossing wild allegations back and forth.

Today, Zampieri's lawyer said new court documents filed by Bennett were malicious and defamatory.

"My client categorically denies all the allegations set out in Ms. Bennett's affidavit," Ada Lam said. "We'll be bringing a defamation action. That's all we have today."

The two met on the dating website Plenty of Fish and got engaged three weeks later. They were together for about 20 months.

Zampieri alleges Bennett left him and took the ring with her.

The ring has been kept in a safety deposit box under Bennett's control.

Today, the judge ordered her to place the hotly sought after symbol of love in the care of her lawyer.

With files from the CBC's Tim Weekes.