B.C. may ban the use of pesticides on lawns, after the premier said she supports the idea behind a private members bill introduced by the leader of the Opposition.

NDP leader Adrian Dix introduced his bill to ban the sale, transfer or use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes on Thursday.

It's an idea environmentalists and the B.C. Cancer Society have long supported, and QuebecOntario and many B.C. municipalities  already have bans in place.

"The time for action speaker surely is now," Dix told the legislature after tabling his bill on Thursday morning.

"I think the message here is clear. It comes from the evidence. It comes from the Canadian Cancer Society. It comes from the people of B.C."

Private members bills usually die faster than a dandelion after a blast of Round-Up, but this one may well be adopted by the government.

The B.C. government has already consulted the public about a possible province-wide ban, but has not yet proposed any legislation of its own.

On Wednesday before the bill was introduced, Premier Christy Clark said, "I support banning the cosmetic use of pesticides," and said she wants to get the NDP and the public involved in drafting a bill.

As it stands, the NDP bill would have an exemption for putting greens.