An ultra-rare whisky, with a price tag to match, is making its way from Scotland to Vancouver in the coming week.

The distillery, Balvenie, is sending one bottle of its $45,000 single malt, Fifty, to the signature liquor store on Cambie Street at W. 39th Avenue.

"This one's the real pinnacle of everything because it's the oldest from Balvenie. That would make it the rarest as well," said brand ambassador Beth Havers.

Only 131 bottles of the Balvenie Fifty were made worldwide. It was placed into cask 4567 in 1963.

Vancouver will be the only place in Canada to get a bottle during this latest release. 

Havers says Vancouver was chosen because of the abundance of single malt drinkers in the province who are looking for high-end products.

"There's a very discerning palate in all of Canada but Vancouver particularly," she said.

The brand ambassador said she was fortunate enough to get a taste of the scotch and described it as "very rich," fragrant and floral with hints of honey.

This isn't the first time a pricey spirit has been sold in B.C.

In November, a Vancouver buyer camped out for four days to buy a $37,000 bottle of Glenfiddich.

Four years ago, Balvenie released another bottle of Fifty in B.C. from the same cask that Havers said was also snapped up immediately.

This bottle of Fifty will be available as of January 12.