'Bad neighbour' appeals court order to sell Surrey condo

Rose Jordison, who was court ordered to sell her Surrey condo after over a thousand complaints from neighbours, is appealing the decision.

Lawyer says neighbours were 'harassed and haranged to death'

Lawyer Phil Dougan is representing the strata council that received over 1,000 complaints from residents about their neighbour Rose Jordison.

A Surrey woman is once again appealing a B.C. Supreme Court decision forcing her to sell her Surrey condo because of more than a 1,000 complaints from neighbours.

It's the latest instalment in a court saga involving Rose Jordison, the first person in B.C. to be court-ordered to sell a home because of bad behaviour.

Earlier this year, a B.C. Supreme Court judge had ruled that a forced sale was the only option left after Jordison and her son Jordy Jordison ignored multiple fines and letters from their strata council.

Phil Dougan, the lawyer representing the strata council, says the ruling needs to stand.

"Having tried everything else to make them stick to the bylaws, we're saying there is no other option left. You have to take them out," he said.

"They'll always have that legal link to cause a nuisance so that's why we don't want them anymore."

Complaints from neighbours ranged from excessive noise to verbal and physical abuse.

"If other people met them in on the common property, they might get spat at, they might get water thrown at them. They were certainly going to get fingered. They would certainly get called all sorts of names," said Dougan.

Long legal battle

Rose Jordison was not in court for her Oct. 17, 2013, appeal. She owes tens of thousands of dollars in fines to the strata.

Her lawyer is arguing no legislation exists that clearly states violating strata bylaws can result in a forced sale.

Jordison had filed a human rights complaint against the strata alleging her son was autistic and was being discriminated against, but when she was asked to provide proof that he was autistic, she withdrew the complaint.

The Jordisons have moved out of the unit in the 15000 block of Guildford Drive in Surrey, after the court ruled she and her son would be arrested for contempt of court if they didn't move out. The bank is ready to foreclose on the property.

The Appeal Court's decision is expected next month.

With files from Meera Bains


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