Baby Iver is finally home with his father in Victoria, three months after being delivered by C-section, after his mother, who had suffered a brain hemorrhage, was kept alive to save the baby.

Robyn Benson, 32, was five months pregnant in December last year when she collapsed from a brain hemorrhage. She was declared brain-dead the next day.

But doctors and her husband Dylan Benson decided to keep her body functioning until the baby could be delivered. Baby Iver was born on Feb. 8. The next day, his mother was taken off life support and died. 

Three months on, baby Iver has finally been judged well enough to go home. Benson describes his son as a little miracle man.

"He has my nose. But I think he has Robyn's lips and it's always nice looking at his little red hairs, it makes me happy," he said.

"He is adapting incredible well. This is pretty much what I expected. It's less challenging than I thought it would be. But its only been eight days."

Baby Iver fund raised more than $202K

Robyn Benson's wedding day

High school sweethearts Robyn and Dylan Benson were married last July, after dating for 16 years. (Dylan Benson/

A fund set up to help Benson raise his son grew to $202,548 in the aftermath of Iver's birth.

The money is being used to help pay for Iver's nannies, daycare and education, as well as supporting the family, now left on only one income.

Benson says he's thankful for all the support he and Iver have received. The pair are ready to start their new life, even if Robyn's passing leaves a huge hole. 

Still, joy comes from Iver's tiny face, says Benson.

"He just lays and stares. He is just fun to hang out with and he does his little half smiles and full smiles, and it makes me happy to see those."