This February the B.C. Winter Games are coming to Penticton, the city which hosted the B.C. Summer Games in 1978 — the very first B.C. Games ever held.

That is welcome news to Marge Noble, who volunteered at the inaugural games and plans to volunteer again for the competition running Feb. 25 to 28.

"I have special memories from 1978 when I trained all the hostesses, for the first ever games awarded Penticton by [then] premier Bill Bennett," Noble told Daybreak South host Chris Walker.

"I thought, 'Let's do it again.'"

Noble, who was the host chair at the 1978 B.C. Summer Games, said the hostesses attended courses through B.C. Tourism to prepare for their role in welcoming the rest of the province to Penticton.

Marge Noble

Host chair Marge Noble (right), another hostess, and the late Bill Bennett at the 1978 B.C. Summer Games in Penticton. (Courtesy Marge Noble)

Noble said she is excited to be a part of the games again, and encourages others to volunteer as well.

"It's just being with the people, and especially the energy of the youths," she said, when asked what she enjoys most about volunteering.

"I encourage everyone to be a part ot it. It's just so vibrant."

At the games in February athletes ranging from nine to 40 years in age will compete in 17 different sports, including various skiing events, martial arts, badminton and biathlon.

Penticton first hosted the B.C. Winter Games in 1990, and the fact that they're taking place in Penticton again this year is a point of pride for Winter Games president Bill Bidlake.

"This is a lovely community where people always come on board," he said.

Bidlake said they are looking for over 2,500 volunteers to host the 2,120 athletes, coaches and officials that will participate from around the province.

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