B.C. watchdog dumped in secret vote

B.C. Auditor General John Doyle's days as a highly critical provincial government watchdog are numbered, a government source has confirmed.
Auditor General John Doyle has frequently taken the B.C. government to task.

John Doyle's days as one of B.C’s top government watchdogs are numbered, government sources confirm.

Liberal MLA John Les says the Legislative Assembly is seeking someone to replace Doyle as provincial auditor general.

Les said the decision was made in-camera by a legislative committee. The committee is made up of three Liberal and two NDP MLAs.

"It's not that unusual for auditors general to serve just one term," Les said.

 Independent MLA Vicki Huntington disagreed.

"His reports are excellent, his recommendations are excellent. If the government has determined they're not reappointing him and it's for political reasons, shame on them," Huntington said.

Doyle has held the role since 2007 and has often been highly critical of the B.C. Liberal government’s accounting practices.

He raised questions about the accountability of BC Hydro, scolded the government for its timber management strategies and fought an ongoing legal battle in a high-profile political corruption case dating back to the sale of BC Rail.

Shane Simpson, chair of the BC NDP caucus, says Doyle's record of excellence should have led to reappointment.

"It's in the public interest for him to continue and the government decides to dismiss him. The only reason that can be is their own discomfort with the things that he's exposed."

Doyle’s term ends in October.

With files from the CBC's Luke Brocki