As talks continue today to end the B.C. teachers' strike, school district superintendents from across the province are trying to determine when classes could start if a deal is reached.

Vancouver School District superintendent Steve Cardwell says he is meeting with other superintendents from across Metro Vancouver today to decide how long they can wait before being forced to officially postpone the start of classes.

"This is a difficult question. We could see negotiations going into Monday, even into Monday evening," says Cardwell.

For now, he says the Vancouver School District is still preparing for school to start on Tuesday, but that could change.

"We will need some time to inform parents through our website and update the media. So we are not sure yet. We are going to make a determination today."

Regardless of when teachers return to the classroom, Cardwell says there will be a lot of details to work out, especially for high school students who were unable to take summer school, and it will take time to organize their schedules.

Those involved in the closed-door negotiations say both sides are still far apart.

But the head negotiator for the school districts, Peter Cameron, said Thursday that he is still holding out hope schools could open on Tuesday morning as scheduled.

"It is possible. Obviously there are some challenges logistically, but it's possible," he said Thursday after the meeting.

Both sides are expected to resume talks on Friday morning.