A 25-year-old woman from Surrey, B.C., is Bollywood-bound after winning a nationwide talent search competition.

Simran Sidhu has won Bollywood Star, a four-part reality challenge on OMNI TV, where the grand prize is a role in a Bollywood film.

Sidhu told CBC News she knew she was the winner four months ago, but had to keep it a secret until now.

Even her friends were kept in the dark, and had to watch the season finale episode on TV just like everyone else.

"I just kept making it through to every round," she said, "And I'm sitting right here in front of you as the next Bollywood Star!"

Sidhu said the win is a dream come true, as she has loved Bollywood movies since she was a kid growing up in India. 

"The dancing pieces in each and every movie. It's extravagant. It's glamour. It's made for me," she said.

When she moved to Canada as a teenager, her love for the Hindi dramas and musical numbers came with her. Sidhu graduated from Abbotsford Senior Secondary and then went on to study communications at Simon Fraser University, but kept dancing all the while.

"My first love is dance. I've been dancing since I was little," she said. "Acting was never something I thought I could pursue because I never thought I was an actress, but clearly I am now!"

When Sidhu heard about auditions for a TV reality show that was offering a grand prize of a role in a Bollywood Film, she jumped at the chance.

She thought she'd be knocked out early on in the competition, but the judges — Anita Majumdar, Rupinder Nagra and Richie Mehta — liked what they saw and she kept on advancing. Now, as the winner, she will get to travel to India to act and dance in a Bollywood film.

Sidhu says she still doesn't know which film she'll be starring in, or when production will start. But she is ready to leave at a moment's notice — and she promises to let her new fans know the news as soon as she does.

With files from the CBC's Jesse Johnston