There is little relief in sight for the unseasonably cool and wet weather plaguing B.C. this summer.

In what is usually the only time of year residents aren't complaining about the weather, there's plenty of grumbling this year.

"This is it. I'm done. I'm moving to the Caymans," said one displeased woman at Stanley Park Thursday.  

Another woman said conditions were prompting her to double-check her calendar.

"I rode my bike in this morning. It felt like February."

Big low pressure

The customary hot July sun is not going to show up for at least the next week or more. A massive cloudy system is dominating our skies and refusing to budge, according to CBC meteorologist Claire Martin.

"It's a big area of low pressure and it's surrounded by spokes of moisture like a bicycle wheel," said Martin. "And as these spokes go by, we get wave after wave of showers, and it's really not going anywhere."

The weather even has its own Twitter hash tag — #bummersummer.

The fact that most of the rest of North America is in the midst of a heat wave only rubs it in.

On the other hand, some visitors are happy to be escaping the heat back home.

"It's like being in an air conditioning, nice and cool, yes it is," said a woman from Puerto Rico.

With files from the CBC's Kirk Williams