Police are recommending more charges against North Vancouver resident Adam Rollo, who was charged in May with aggravated assault for not informing a sex partner about his HIV-positive status. ((RCMP))

Separate assault charges have been laid against two Metro Vancouver men who police say are HIV-positive but didn't relay that information before having sex with women.

RCMP in North Vancouver are recommending four more charges of aggravated assault against Adam Rollo, who was first charged with the offence in May after police said he exposed his partner to the virus that causes AIDS without telling her.

Since that charge was laid, four other women have come forward with enough evidence for investigators to recommend four more charges against Rollo, RCMP said in a release Wednesday.

Rollo is currently under court-imposed conditions that require him to tell any potential partners that he is HIV-positive.

New Westminster police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for  Bongani Nyoni, 38, who faces three counts of aggravated sexual assault.

The offences date back to May of 2006 and there is a concern that Nyoni may have headed to Eastern Canada and will continue to have sex with women without telling them about his condition, police said.

Police were unable to provide a photo or description of Nyoni.