Adrian Dix and the B.C. NDP return to the legislature as the official opposition yet again. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

As Christy Clark and her revitalized B.C. Liberals head back to the legislature tomorrow for a month-long summer session to pass a post-election budget, the opposition New Democrats are also beginning a journey.

Theirs is an unexpected journey of renewal, following the party's stunning election upset on May 14 — but House Leader John Horgan is keeping a glass-half-full attitude.

He says British Columbians clearly trust New Democrats to hold government's accountable, because voters keep returning them as an opposition party.

He says the challenge for the NDP is to figure out how to "refresh the brand" and remind voters the party can lead the province.

He says New Democrats have already started working on a plan that will continue to tailor the concept over the next four years.

As for Clark and the Liberals, they'll reopen the Legislature tomorrow, bring in an updated budget Thursday and then debate and pass it before the sitting ends July 25th.