B.C. NDP leader Adrian Dix is calling on Liberal Leader Christy Clark to clarify where she stands on Kinder Morgan’s pipeline expansion plans.

On Saturday, Dix and his supporters gathered on Kitsilano beach where he also questioned Clark’s plans for the controversial Enbridge pipeline.

"If the concern is turning Vancouver into a major oil export port, then people need to vote NDP. Because that's the choice. And if the Liberals win the election, then it'll be very disappointing in that respect," Dix said.

Pipelines and tanker safety have been contentious issues in the provincial election campaign.

Liberals accuse Dix of flip-flopping

In April, Dix rolled out his environmental platform and said he was unlikely to support the expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Before that, Dix had said he would take a "principled position" and wait for the outcome of the federal review before deciding if he would support the expansion of the crude oil pipeline.

The Liberals were swift to accuse him of flip-flopping.

Andrew Wilkinson, Liberal candidate for Vancouver-Quilchena, argued that the B.C. Liberals have been very clear on their stance on pipelines.

On Saturday, Wilkinson referenced the five requirements for all new crude pipelines the Liberal Party outlined when it sought to renegotiate the project with the federal government last July.

"There are five clear criteria that need to be satisfied before any oil pipeline can proceed," Wilkinson said.

"The NDP have shown really weak leadership on the pipeline issue, because they're changing their decisions on the fly."

In a recent leaders’ debate, Clark questioned a supposed NDP plan to institute a moratorium on hydraulic "fracking," which would curtail the natural gas boom that Clark's government has been counting on to lift the province out of debt.

Dix repeated his environmental platform on Saturday, saying he does not support radically transforming the ports of Metro Vancouver into major oil export facilities nor does he support ending the moratorium on oil tanker traffic on the North Coast.

Dix also said he wants full public hearings on the proposal to build a new coal port in Surrey.

Environmentalist applauds NDP stance

A local environmental organization applauded Dix's statements on Saturday, saying the NDP's plan is a positive step forward.

"It's a courageous position to take because it's important for our future and it's standing up to the fossil fuel industry," said Kevin Washbrooks, director of Voters Taking Action on Climate Change.

"Everyone who cares about climate change should really support the NDP on this issue because they're really taken some risks."