B.C. man dies after crowd-surfing at rock show

A Richmond, B.C. man who died Monday night at a Smashing Pumpkins rock show in Vancouver was crowd-surfing before he collapsed, the coroner's service said Tuesday.

ARichmond, B.C. man who died Monday night at a Smashing Pumpkins rock showin Vancouverwas crowd-surfing before he collapsed, the provincial coroner's service said Tuesday.

The coroner found no trauma to the man's head or any other part of his body. The cause of death won't be known for weeks until an autopsy and a toxicology report are complete.

Crowd-surfing is a popular activity in which a person is held aloft by dense crowds near the front of the stage at rock concerts. ((CBC))

The name of the man, 20, has not been released.

Vancouver police said about 3,800 people were packed into the Pacific National Exhibition forum for the concert.A mosh pit and crowd-surfing — where a concert-goer gets tossed from person to person above the crowd — were part of the show.

"A couple of people dragged a male out of the mosh pit toward security," police spokesman Const. Howard Chow said Tuesday night. "They called first aid right away. They tried to resuscitate him …They were unsuccessful."

Laura Ballance, PNE's media relations officer, said crowd-surfing is allowed at concerts at the site, but discouraged by security.

"This is an extremely unfortunate situation and there will certainly be discussion within the organization," she told CBC News, adding it would be useless to speculate on the cause of death.