The B.C. Liberals raised about twice as much money as the provincial NDP in 2011, according to Elections BC.

Figures released Wednesday show the governing Liberals raked in nearly $9 million in contributions last year and about $5.5 million of that came from corporations and other businesses.

The party got some its largest donations from mining companies including Teck Resources which donated $138,000, Teck Highland Valley Copper which donated $100,000, and Goldcorp, which donated more than $200,000.

Pipeline companies such as Enbridge and Encana are also big donors.

Telecommunications powerhouse Telus might have a troubled relationship with the B.C. government now, but donated about $60,000 last year.

The NDP, meanwhile, raised about $4.4 million, with three-quarters of it coming from individuals.

About $865,000 was donated by labour organizations, including both the B.C. Federation of Labour and the B.C. Government Employees Union.

But the party also got about $230,000 dollars in from corporate donors, including developers and the forest industry.

The B.C. Conservatives might be gathering momentum in opinion polls but they have yet to gather much financial support, with just $210,000 raised in 2011.

Leader John Cummins says the Conservatives don't get millions in corporate donations like the Liberals do or hundreds of thousands from big labour, as do the New Democrats.

"In a sense, it's scandalous, because it says that the individual doesn't really matter," Cummins said Wednesday.

Cummins favours a ban on union and corporate donations.

It’s one policy he and NDP leader Adrian Dix agree on. Dix says the party will spell out the policy before the election in May 2013.

But Liberal MLA John Les scoffs at the concept.

"We believe that anybody who wants to donate to the political party of their choice should be able to do so," Les said.

With files from the CBC's Jeff Davies