Eleven unions representing 47,000 British Columbia health care workers will be taking a strike vote.

The multi-union Facilities Bargaining Association says negotiations have stalled on issues such as employment security and the contracting out of services.

Chief union negotiator Bonnie Pearson says health employers have also rejected proposals to expand roles for B.C.'s paramedics, which Pearson says would improve health service delivery.

Pearson also says health employers are not taking steps to improve employee safety in the province’s most dangerous workplaces.

The Facilities Bargaining Association represents members who work in hospitals, care facilities and emergency health services and includes care aides, dietary staff, ambulance paramedics, emergency dispatchers, cleaning staff, records and booking clerks, diagnostic specialists and sterile supply technicians.

The Hospital Employees' Union represents about 85 per cent of workers covered by the contract negotiations.

The current collective agreement expires on Monday.

With files from CBC News