Despite the heavy criticism Nestlé has faced for the bottling and selling of B.C. groundwater, Hope mayor Wilfried Vicktor says he's happy the multinational organization is operating in his city.

"Nestlé's been a very good corporate citizen in our community," he told B.C. Almanac's Gloria Mackarenko. 

"They employ 75 local residents — for a larger community maybe that's not a big thing but certainly for Hope that is."

Nestlé Canada's plant, which is located in Hope, bottles over 260 million litres of groundwater annually. That may seem to make the company a heavy user, but that's not actually the case, according to Vicktor.

"Nestlé is a very easy target and unfortunately I think a lot of people are focusing on Nestlé and not taking into account the bigger picture. There are hundreds of commercial industrial heavy water users which should be included in the discussion."

CBC Radio One's B.C. Almanac hosted a live broadcast at the Blue Moose Coffee House in Hope to hear from a number of residents and experts on the issue. To hear the full program, click the audio labelled, B.C. Almanac: groundwater use by industry debated in Hope.