A Vancouver movie producer is out on bail and facing serious sex charges after five young women were allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted, and three of them were also videotaped.

Raymond Y.H. Law is facing 15 criminal charges involving four of the women, including four counts of administering or attempting to administer a "stupefying or overpowering drug" and four counts of sexual assault.

The 51-year-old producer is also accused of six counts of unlawfully observing or recording someone naked or engaged in explicit sexual activity and one charge of sexual assault causing bodily harm.

Co-accused Alan T.M. Lai, in his mid-30s, is facing seven related charges, involving three of the women allegedly assaulted by Law and a fifth woman.

Lai stands accused of five counts of administering or attempting to administer a "stupefying or overpowering drug," one count of sexual assault and one count of sexual assault causing bodily harm.

The alleged attacks are believed to have taken place between December 2012 and June 2013. None of the women involved can be named to protect their identities.

Sexual exploitation

The charges against Law and Lai echo the plot of Ecstasy, an independent film produced by Law, about young women lured into a life of partying and abuse.

None of the participants in the movie is named in the allegations against Law and Lai.

Carmela Evangelista, a longtime talent agent, had a small role in Ecstasy and met Law, but saw nothing suspicious during the shoot.

However, she says sexual exploitation of young women is common in the film industry.

"My suggestion is always have an agent, always have a manager, don't take meetings after dinner," Evangelista told the CBC Investigates team.

Evangelista also advised that if an evening meeting is necessary, aspiring actors should bring an adult with them, especially if they themselves are under 18.

"If somebody promises you something, and you're not auditioning for it and your agent didn't get you out for it, it's not real.....anything that's in the party element, beware."

Evangelista says she's disturbed by the allegations and said she had a bad experience with one of her own clients, when another film producer wanted her client to take her top off on set. The client called Evangelista and the production was stopped.

"At the end of the day, my client's sanity and future feelings of her own personality, her personal feelings, are not worth any film."

Out on $20K bail

Law is out on $20,000 bail, with 19 conditions, subject to an overnight curfew confining him to his luxury False Creek condo between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

He is banned from being alone with any woman and from possessing a camera or video recorder of any kind.

He is also prohibited from serving, providing or purchasing any beverage for any female who is not a family member.

None of the charges has been proven in court. Law and Lai's next court appearance is scheduled for late January.

Charge List for Raymond Y.H. Law and Alan T.M. Lai followed by Bail Conditions for Raymond Y.H. Law