The Queen of Nanaimo was stranded at the ferry terminal on Mayne Island Saturday, after high winds pushed it off course between B.C.'s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

The incident occurred at around 10:45 a.m. PT as the ferry was leaving Village Bay terminal in extremely high winds. 

The weather conditions pushed the ship out of position and sent it crashing into a private floating dock nearby, which was damaged by the impact.

In a statement, BC Ferries said there were only two passengers aboard the ferry. There were no reported injuries.

The company added it did not believe the ship ran aground, but divers would be conducting an investigation to confirm that.

The captain and crew dropped both anchors to keep the ship from reaching the shore. BC Ferries said it does not appear the ship is damaged or had any mechanical issues.

BC Ferries will be conducting a full investigation into the incident and say the ferry has now been pulled by tugs to Long Harbour on Salt Spring Island.

The Queen of Nanaimo's sailings are cancelled for the rest of the day.