B.C. election officials are urging the public to contact police, after reports that campaign signs are being stolen and vandalized.


NDP candidate Gwen O'Mahoney has had 10 to 20 signs vandalized in her Chilliwack-Hope riding, campaign officials say. (Lynn Perrin/Facebook)

Grant Talbot, who works from home in Richmond, said two people in a pickup truck took away his signs supporting Conservative candidate Carol Day, just days after he put them up.

"I heard sounds of something being thrown in the back of a pickup truck, and they disappeared down the street," Talbot said.

I checked with the City and they said, no, they did not do it."

Talbot, who suspects a supporter of another party took the signs, has called the RCMP.

Meanwhile, the campaign manager for Gwen O'Mahoney — NDP candidate in Chilliwack-Hope — said they've had 10 to 20 signs vandalized.

"[They’ve been] spray-painted with something that looked like male genitalia, simply having the frames destroyed, the signs cracked or cut," said Joe MacDonald.

"I don't think it's excessive yet, but we still have two weeks before the campaign and we'll see what transpires," he added.

It's not clear how many signs have been damaged in past campaigns, or this one so far.

Elections B.C. said sign vandalism is not an Election Act violation, but is a matter for police or municipalities.

With files from the CBC's Robert Zimmerman