A B.C. woman has been reunited with her pet goldendoodle more than three weeks after it vanished in the woods near Whistler. 

On Feb. 5th, Kate O' Sullivan was on vacation in Hawaii when she found out her dog Scout went missing while in the care of a dog walker. She cancelled her vacation and caught the next flight back to Vancouver.

She then launched a determined effort to find Scout including arranging a helicopter flyover, putting two bloodhounds on the trail, hiring a pet search company and camping out overnight near the spot the dog went missing. 

Yesterday, Scout was spotted by a woman in Pemberton, B.C. who reunited the pet with its grateful owner.

"I can't believe he's home. I cannot believe it," said O'Sullivan. 

"He knew it was me and we drove right to go see my boyfriend at work and he went berserk, and he's awesome. He's eating, and the vet thinks he should be okay."

O'Sullivan says she spent about $5,000 on the search effort, but had given up hope that Scout would be found.

"I felt like, okay, I have to move on, I put his dog dishes away, I put his bed away," she said. 

She says it was her first time hiring dog walkers and that she won't be doing it again. 

Scout is scheduled for another checkup with the veterinarian on Monday, but is expected to be in good health.

O'Sullivan says she's thankful for those who helped try to find her missing pet.