Penticton, B.C., RCMP and U.S. officials are investigating the disappearance of a Penticton couple after their family reported them missing on Thursday.

Albert Chretien, 59, and his wife, Rita Chretien, 56, failed to return from a business trip to Las Vegas this week.

The Chretiens' children grew concerned because the couple had planned to be home between Monday and Wednesday and have not been heard from.

"This is totally out of character," their son Raymond told CBC News Friday. "This is not something that they would ever do.  They are very responsible.

RCMP Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said that evidence points to the couple being still in the U.S., somewhere.

"At this time we are able to confirm that they have not re-entered Canada through border services records," Moskaluk said.

"We have been able to set up a timeline, in a sense, where we can say they were last seen at the Oroville border crossing Tuesday, March 19, early that day."


The Chretiens were driving a van similar to this, with B.C. plates 212 CAV. The Chretiens' van is a light metallic brown 2000 Chevrolet Astro, with a black sunvisor stop the windshield and body-coloured running boards along the side. (RCMP)

The couple entered the U.S. into Washington State at around 7:05 a.m. PT. A credit card belonging to the couple was used  at around 2 p.m. PT in Baker City, Oregon, Moskaluk said.

"Which is along the proposed route that they were expected to take; however, at this time we haven't been able to confirm whether it was them themselves that used the card."

The Chretiens were travelling in their light brown 2000 Chevy Astro van with a black windshield deflector. The vehicle has a B.C. licence plate, 212 CAV.

Moskaluk said the Penticton RCMP is working with several U.S. police agencies in an attempt to locate the couple.