It's the kind of wedding photograph that many couples would hope they're lucky enough to get — and spend big bucks to make sure it happens. 

But for one lucky couple, it was just a drive-by wedding photo. 

Saber Miresmailli, who lives in North Vancouver, snapped this photo of this newlywed couple in London, lost in their own romantic bliss.

Now, the B.C. amateur photographer is hoping social media can help him track down the married couple so he can gift it to them. 

"If it was me, I'd love to have that shot," he told CBC News.

Many 'shares,' no answers yet

Miresmailli was in the U.K. for a holiday when he saw the couple kissing with Tower Bridge behind them on May 16 around 8 p.m. 

"They were all alone by themselves," he says. "I didn't see any wedding photographer. I had maybe a 10-second window to take that photo."

He didn't give it another thought until he got home back to Canada and started going through his photos. 

"It was pure luck I got it," he says. "I was in a moving car, with no flash ... but somehow they just looked so beautiful and the lighting was perfect."

Miresmailli's photo has been shared more than 126,000 times on Facebook since Sunday.