A Prince George dog, described by his owner as a mutt, is being credited with helping rescue a woman from the Nechako River Thursday morning.

Just before 10:30 someone saw the woman go into the water.

Officers raced to the scene and, upon arrival, one jumped into the river.

However, he was unable to reach the woman, and that's when Axis sprang into action.

His owner, who was nearby, told Axis to "bring" — a command that had been taught to Axis in case any of the family's children got into trouble while swimming.

Axis jumped in to the water and grabbed the woman by the arm, swimming her towards the officer who was then able to get her to shore.

The woman was taken to hospital.

Hear the full story and learn more about Axis' training in an interview with CBC Radio West host Alya Ramadan in the video below (can't see the video? Click here).

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