A female skier from the U.S. has died in an avalanche in the Kootenays while skiing on the Gothics Glacier above Fairy Meadows near Golden, B.C.

Godlen District Search and Rescue's Shauna Speers says they received word of an "ongoing rescue" around 3:15 p.m. PT Friday.

Gothics Glacier

A female skier from the U.S. died Friday after being caught in an avalanche on the Gothics Glacier near Golden, B.C. (Dwight Yachuk)

Speers says two search and rescue technicians flew to the area using the services of Alpine Helicopters and joined in the rescue effort.

The skier was flown back to Golden Hospital before being transferred to Foothills Hospital in Calgary but did not survive.

MAP: Fairy Meadows below Gothics Glacier