A young pit bull is lucky to be above ground in one piece after falling more than 15 metres down a dredging shaft Monday afternoon at 10600 Timberland Road, near the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

As it is, his rescue took more than an hour and involved a call out for the Surrey Fire Department's 12-member high angle rescue team.

Surrey Batallion Fire Chief Gary McHarg says they could hear one-year-old Austin wailing at the bottom of the hole when they arrived.

He said crews quickly determined a technical rescue would be needed and called out the team.

Dredging shaft

The hole down which Austin survived a 15-metre tumble without apparent injury. (CBC)

"We suited up one member and lowered him down. He was able to check out the dog, put him in a harness and we hoisted both him and the dog out."

McHarg says it looks like Austin jumped over some boards and fell down the hole. He says the dredging operation filters out sand from the Fraser River and returns water to the river through the drainpipe. 

Austin appeared none the worse for wear and once he had both paws firmly on solid ground was quickly running around and wagging his tail.

MAP: 10600 Timberline Road, Surrey, B.C.