Vancouver Police are now investigating to see if the assault of a lesbian couple at Commercial and Hastings Streets on Wednesday was a hate crime. 

24-year-old Ali Matson and her girlfriend had just gotten off the bus, when a man, who Matson describes as tall and imposing, grabbed the couple and repeatedly punched them. 

"The only explanation I can think of is that we were standing right beside him kissing each other and he just went nuts," says Matson. 

Bus stop at Commercial and Broadway

The couple say they were assaulted after getting off a bus at the corner of Commercial Drive and Hastings Street in Vancouver. (Google Streetview)

"We did absolutely nothing to provoke him," she says, "it was like he wanted to kill us." 

"Police will be speaking with our diversity unit to determine if this alleged crime could be or is deemed as a hate crime," says Vancouver Police Sgt. Randy Fincham. 

While her girlfriend was not injured as severely, Matson suffered two black eyes, and possibly a broken nose.

But she says she's not as concerned about the physical damage. 

"It really shook me up. I don't feel safe anymore," says Matson. 

With files from the CBC's Robert Zimmerman