Police say murder charges have been laid in the 2004 death of Marc Rozen. ((CBC))

Police have laid a murder charge in the slaying five years ago of a Vancouver man who was trying to sell an expensive engagement ring.

Marc Rozen was shot to death inside his West End apartment on Jan. 6, 2004, after advertising the $18,000 diamond engagement ring for sale in a local newspaper.

At the time, police said they believed his killer responded to that ad, murdered Rozen, and stole the ring.

On Friday, Vancouver police announced they had made an arrest in the case. Michael Bruce Newman, 39, was charged on Wednesday with second-degree murder.

Newman is reportedly serving time in Ontario for trafficking cocaine and ecstasy on charges dating back to 1997.

Police suspect 3 involved

Five years ago, police said they believed three people were involved in Rozen's death, but it is unclear whether anyone else has been charged.


Marc Rozen placed this ad just before he was killed in his West End Vancouver apartment. ((Family photo))

After the death police were concerned after Rozen's parents revealed information about the diamond ring to the media.

Police had been withholding information about the ring from the media while monitoring local pawnshops. They feared Rozen's killer would go underground if it was revealed that police knew about the ring, and the robbery.

Police also originally withheld from the family details about how Rozen died. They only revealed in 2006 — two years after the slaying — that he was shot to death. At that time they also revealed a bullet casing had been matched to another homicide in Abbotsford.