As Vancouver anticipates a slew of new cutting-edge condos, we look to the year ahead in architecture with Jim Meiklejohn, an architect in Kelowna, B.C. What does 2016 have to offer in building design?

Simple concept

Meiklejohn says the future of home design is about modernity, efficiency and technology. 

"We are moving into a modern style of homes," said Meiklejohn, explaining that he believes global trends are pulsing into designing homes with cleaner lines and more open space. 

Big folding glass walls that open into large decks will be the envy of most, especially in the summer months. 

Efficiently laid out

In the Okanagan, Meiklejohn says big buildings are coming back to life, with more people wanting to build multi-family housing projects. 

He says the trend is toward designing homes sensibly, so it doesn't require so much energy to heat and cool. 

A lot of homes will also take advantage of heat recovery ventilation systems and, in places like Fort St.John, triple glazed windows will become the norm, he predicts.

Technology in mind

Meiklejohn says developers will be using technology to stand out in 2016. 

He points to developments like The Arc by Concord Pacific in Vancouver, which offers electric vehicle plugs for all its parking stalls to go along with the building's touchless car wash.

In Kelowna, developments like The Sanctuary are using smart glass — windows that darken or lighten with switch controls.

"That's really new stuff and it's not cheap, but the right client and location, you will start to see that," he said.

New condos aim for Vancouver 'Wow!' factor

To hear the full interview click on the audio labelled Architectural housing trends of 2016 on the CBC's Daybreak North.