A Bellingham immigration lawyer says anti-Canadian bias is preventing people from getting into the U.S.

An immigration lawyer based in Bellingham, Wash., believes British Columbians aren't being let into the United States because of some U.S. border guards’ anti-Canadian bias.

Some questionable comments recently showed up on an online U.S. Customs and Border Protection job forum.

One entry reads, ‘Nothing worse than a whiny Canadian who thinks they have every right in the world to live here because they are Canadian. During processing they just babble on and on about how great Canada is.”

In another, one writer says, "Our lobbies are full of applicants, it makes me sick.”

And another post says, "All of this can be solved if we just annex Canada and make it the 51st state.”

"Many people on the chat site reflect an overt anti-immigrant bias and when they happen to be talking about Canadians, it’s not only overt anti-immigrant, it's overt anti-Canadian,” said lawyer Greg Boos.

“My concern is that I'm not too sure that's the attitude somebody should have if they're going to be in CBP (Customs and Border Protection).

"I think it flavours the nature of their adjudications and flavours them adversely and unfairly.”

Users on the forum use pseudonyms so there's no guarantee the writers are actually border officers, but Boos says they know too much about the inner workings not to be.