A coroner's jury looking into the death of Angus Mitchell has recommended that the Health Ministry consider allowing
people to force a mentally ill family member to undergo a psychiatric assessment.

Mitchell was killed in May 2012 in a shootout with police officers who tracked him down after he killed two people and injured a third.

The inquest heard that Mitchell had a history of mental illness and substance abuse, but that wasn't disclosed when he applied for a firearms licence.

Even when Mitchell was arrested under the Mental Health Act for walking into a doctor's clinic with a rifle, he was discharged and given the gun back that he later used to shoot his victims.

Mitchell's father told the inquest that he tried to get his son psychiatric help, but he was told he couldn't be forced to do a psychiatric assessment unless it was ordered by the court.

Among the jury's seven recommendations are that there be thorough reporting for an arrest under the Mental Health Act that include firearms, that those applying for a gun licence include a consent for releasing medical information, and the police database be unified to allow access to officers across the province.