A chronic offender is now under arrest and facing charges following a police search of a house on Main Street in Vancouver on Friday.

Neighbours alerted police to an apparently never-ending stream of visitors entering and exiting the home of Andrew Roy Cross, 49,  who is well known to police.

vancouver stolen property

Police are hoping to return stolen property found during a raid on a Main Street house to their rightful owners. (VPD)

Armed police raided the house looking for guns and found, not just a semi-automatic handgun and replica firearms, but $20,000 worth of drugs and three van loads of stolen property, including bikes, passports, musical instruments and electronics.

Of the 11 people found in the home, Cross was the only one arrested. He was charged with possession of a restricted firearm. Police expect further charges to follow.

"He does have a criminal record, VPD Const. Brian Montague said.

"He has an extensive police history. We have actually dealt with him over the last eight or nine years. We have over 300 reports of police contact with him."

Police have posted images of the stolen property on their website and are hoping to reunite as much as they can with its rightful owners.

main street stolen property

A stolen motorbike was also found in a police raid on Main Street in Vancouver. (VPD)

With files from Terry Donnelly