A group that represents 33 British Columbia local governments has passed resolution saying changes made by the B.C. Ambulance Service have created a negative impact on response time and patient safety.

The Lower Mainland Local Government Association, which represents local governments from Hope to Squamish passed the resolution critical of the unilateral decision to make the changes.

The resolution says the changes created an unprecedented downloading of costs and risks onto local government first responders.

The motion calls on the province to develop a patient-centred emergency response service for citizens provided by fire, rescue services and the B.C. Ambulance Service.

The B.C. Ambulance Service downgraded dozens of its response for dozens of calls last October, and has recently defended the changes saying patients' needs are being met.

But fire chiefs in both Surrey and Vancouver have complained that both patients and firefighters are waiting too long for ambulances to show up since the changes took effect.

With files from CBC News