Alleged road check runner has lengthy criminal record

CBC News has learned that one of the three men arrested after a minivan blew through a police CounterAttack road check in Burnaby this weekend already has a lengthy criminal record across Canada.

Caught on camera: Stolen minivan blasts through CounterAttack road check in Burnaby, B.C.

Leo McIntyre. 42, has a long criminal record, including in Quebec 2:18

CBC News has learned that one of the three men arrested after a minivan blew through a police CounterAttack road check in Burnaby this weekend already has a lengthy criminal record across Canada.

Leo McIntyre, 42, is facing several new charges after the incident that began on the Grandview Highway on ramp to Highway 1 eastbound, and ended near the Willingdon Avenue exit early Saturday morning.

CBC cameras were rolling as a minivan sped through a police road check, and past Burnaby RCMP Cpl. Robert McDonald.

Burnaby RCMP Const. Chris Redhead demonstrates how he jumped back out of the way of a minivan that broke through a police CounterAttack road check. His right hand, which is shown bandaged, was broken when the minivan struck it. (CBC)

"As soon as the vehicle in front of them cleared, the driver just took off. In the process, it struck an officer and took off down the road," he said.

Const. Chris Redhead, whose hand was injured in the incident, scrambled to get out of the way. 

"As it went by my partner, I heard him yell, 'Stop,' and I just started to get out of the way like that," Redhead said, raising his arms in a defensive posture. "Pushed out and hit the window with my hand and broke it."

The vehicle, which police suspected and later confirmed was stolen, was dumped off Highway 1, near Willingdon Avenue. A police dog tracked three men, who were arrested a short time later.

The minivan was found ditched on the side of the road about a kilometre away from the road check. A police dog tracked three men, who were taken into custody. Officers also found a number of tools inside the minivan. (CBC)

McIntyre, one of the three men taken into custody that morning, is no stranger to police. In fact, McIntyre is well-known to police forces in several provinces, including New Brunswick and Alberta. 

In 2001, a man with the same name and age was sentenced to eight years behind bars for robbing a grocery store in New Brunswick. In May of 2012, McIntyre was arrested in Surrey during a drug investigation. Police discovered he had outstanding warrants in Alberta, and he was returned to Edmonton as part of the fugitive return program.

It is unclear when McIntyre returned to B.C., but he's facing several charges from this weekend's police pursuit, including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, flight from a peace officer and possession of stolen property.

He's being held in custody while awaiting his next court appearance on Dec. 10.

With files from the CBC's Bal Brach


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