Police say Francois and Dillan Meerholz turned themselves in on Tuesday night. (RCMP)

Four men have been arrested after a man ran into a rural community hall in central B.C. covered in blood and claiming he had escaped from some kidnappers.

Catherine Kendall said she and several farmers were inside the Ferndale Hall east of Prince George on Sunday evening when the hysterical man ran in yelling that he had been held hostage for several days.

She said some of the men at the hall kept watch for the suspects, while the apparent victim stayed on the phone with police dispatchers.

"There were men that stood in the back with this gentleman to make sure he was under control," Kendall told CBC News.

"There were men at the front door making sure people were not going to barge in the door [at] any time."

The unidentified victim was taken to hospital by ambulance with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Police later arrested Michael Andrew Fitzgerald and Craig Niedermayer, and the pair appeared in court on Tuesday to face a charge each of kidnapping. Fitzgerald is also facing a charge of assault with a weapon.  

Two other suspects, brothers Francois and Dillan Meerholz, turned themselves in on Tuesday and are expected to be in court on Wednesday. They have also been charged with kidnapping.  

Police say Francois Meerholz is from South Africa and was scheduled to be deported in February 2011. That never happened, but he still faces other charges in the court system and police allege he is linked to gangs.