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Vancouver police say they've broken a drug ring that preyed on vulnerable people in the city's Downtown Eastside using violence, torture and terror.

Eight people have been arrested. Police said the suspects targeted drug addicts, women and people who were sick. 

Some of the arrested, police said, will face the rare charge of belonging to a criminal organization.

Police allege those arrested belonged to an organized group that was running a campaign of fear out of Vancouver's Oppenheimer Park area. The allegations include beatings and torture, and evidence that one victim may have been kept in a cage.

Vancouver police Deputy Chief Warren Lemcke said the campaign of terror has created fear in the community.

"The women of the Downtown Eastside have told us that what they fear most are predatory drug dealers who conduct their business with violence, torture and terror. We have heard what the women in the community have told us, and we have targeted the worst of the worst of these offenders," Lemcke said.

In addition to the eight arrests, police said, drugs, drug paraphernalia, guns, cash and luxury SUVs have been seized.