Allan Bosomworth, Two Chefs and a Table co-owner, sentencing postponed

Sentencing for Vancouver's peeping chef, Allan Bosomworth, has been postponed to January in the case of him spying on staff and customers in his restaurant's washroom.

Chef admits to observing or recording nudity in public place after secret camera found in washroom

Allan Bosomworth, centre, will be sentenced in January for putting a secret camera in his restaurant's washroom to spy on customers and staff. (CBC)

Vancouver's peeping chef, Allan Bosomworth, will be back in court on Jan. 14 to be sentenced for spying on staff and customers in his restaurant's washroom.

More than two years ago, a tiny camera was found inside the bathroom of the Two Chefs and A Table Restaurant, located at the time in Vancouver's Gastown neighbourhood.

Allan Bosomworth was co-owner of the now-closed restaurant Two Chefs and a Table, formerly located at 305 Alexander St. in Vancouver's Gastown area. (CBC)

Bosomworth was expected to be sentenced on Monday, but the judge reserved judgment. 

His lawyer, Maegan Richards, said her client was motivated by the thrill of knowing people’s secrets, not sexual impulses.

She asked a Vancouver provincial court judge to give Bosomworth a conditional discharge.

Crown prosecutor Ellen Leno called for a suspended sentence, and probation, and a ban on possessing any device used for capturing recordings or video.

One of the restaurant's co-owners discovered the camera while cleaning the washroom shared by patrons and staff of the now-closed restaurant.

Bosomworth, who was a co-owner of the restaurant, pleaded guilty earlier this year to secretly observing or recording nudity in a public place.

According to court documents, Bosomworth observed people in the washroom for four days in December 2012.

The space was the only private area in the establishment and was often used by staff as a changing room as well.

The offence carries a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison.


  • A previous version of this story mistakenly stated that the Crown had asked for a conditional discharge. In fact the Crown asked for a suspended sentence.
    Jan 14, 2015 1:39 PM PT

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