A Boeing 787 Air Canada Dreamliner that left Vancouver and was en route to Narita, Japan, made an emergency landing in Anchorage, Alaska, 5½ hours into its flight last night.

"The pilot had oil indicators from one of the engines," Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick told CBC, giving no further details.

Air Canada says a decision was made to land the plane as a precaution.

A new aircraft was dispatched and the passengers were on their way to Narita on Wednesday morning.

Air Canada unveiled the Dreamliner in Canada last May to much fanfare in an elaborate show-and-tell.

Air Canada's Dreamliner gets water cannon salute

An Air Canada-owned Dreamliner is greeted with a water cannon salute during its unveiling last May. (Air Canada/The Canadian Press)

The state-of-the art aircraft can seat between 210 and 325 people, is made with carbon-fibre composite materials and features a sophisticated electrical system. 

According to Air Canada and Boeing, the 787 is quieter, lighter and 20 per cent more fuel efficient than similar-sized planes, and has up to 45 per cent more cargo capacity.

Air Canada has ordered 37 Dreamliners — at a total cost of $6 billion.