He didn't bring back any medals, but Robin MacDonald's trip to the Olympics in Sochi did result in him bringing back four stray dogs.

"It took longer than we thought," said MacDonald in an interview with CBC Radio's Rick Cluff on The Early Edition.

MacDonald, a photographer originally from Bowen Island, decided to stay in Sochi for weeks after the games were over in order to get the dogs out of Russia. 

He and his friend and roommate U.S. Olympian Gus Kenworthy decided to bring the dogs back after they first noticed them on the slopes during an Olympic Venue. 

Soon they had the attention of many American media outlets and Humane Society International, who helped organize the flights home for the dogs. 

MacDonald is puzzled by the attention the dogs have received, saying if people want to adopt a dog, they could easily adopt a local stray.

He says once the dogs arrived in the U.S., one was adopted by a person from Humane Society International, one is with Kenworthy's mother, and two are with his roommate Kenworthy in Denver.